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8 Questions About Reselling Diabetic Test Strips

It’s not unusual for people to struggle to get the medical supplies they need. Those with diabetes have an especially difficult time as diabetes is often a lifetime condition and prices for diabetic supplies can rise. According to, an estimated 31% of diabetes patients reported that they don't self-monitor glucose levels because blood glucose monitoring test strips were too expensive. There are alternative ways to purchase test strips that are less expensive.

As with most types of economic struggles, when people cannot afford something, they will seek an alternative way to access their needs. The need for diabetic supplies has created a resale market for diabetic test strips. People who have extra tests can receive cash for diabetic strips. Not only can people buy unused strips, but those with supplies they no longer need can sell their items. If you want to start selling test strips, there are a few things you need to know first. Let’s look at some details of this market.

1. How Did This Market Develop?

The market for diabetic test strips started because of the way that test strips are sold. Many insurance companies send patients more strips than they need. This is unfortunate because people without insurance struggle to buy enough. It’s only right that the excess strips be sold to people who need them.

2. How Do I Get Started?

If you’re interested in buying or selling test strips, you must find a reputable supplier first. You can start your search online by looking for companies that buy excess diabetic supplies. After you’ve located a supplier, you can start buying and selling strips. If you’re selling strips, you can make a profit.

3. How Do I Sell Strips?

One way to make money from test strips would be to sell directly to a resale supplier. These suppliers take the strips and then sell them to individuals who can’t get enough test strips. Selling for cash is a great way to make extra money and help others in need.

4. How Do I Buy Diabetic Strips?

If you need test strips, you can connect with a supplier to get supplies at a discounted rate. Purchasing from a resale supplier eliminates the inflated insurance costs. You can even buy strips in bulk.

5. Can You Do This Safely?

Many people are concerned about the safety of this practice. Strips are a type of medical supply and you mustn’t buy or sell medical supplies that are unsafe. To ensure the safety of the strips that you’re buying or selling, make sure that the strips aren’t expired. This is an important point. You also want to make sure the strips are in good condition. Diabetic strip resellers have policies in place to ensure people only receive quality strips.

6. Is This Legal?

You might also be concerned about the legality of this practice. You should know that buying and selling diabetic test strips is perfectly legal. You can buy or sell strips, lancets, and CGMs because these are items sold over the counter. You should note, however, that you can’t sell any diabetic supplies that were acquired through Medicare or Medicaid. You may notice diabetic supplies that are off-limits have a red line on them or there will be other indications that it can’t be sold.

7. Is This a Scam?

No, buying and selling diabetic supplies for cash isn’t a scam. Cash for diabetic strips is a legitimate way to make money and help people who need diabetic supplies. You can sell these items at below retail price and still make a profit. However, it’s important that you’re honest and that the supplier you’re working with is honest as well.

8. Should I Leave the Pharmacy Label On?

Yes, generally it’s a good idea to leave the pharmacy label on the items as this helps to identify where they came from and dates. Labels are removed and shredded by the supplier later.

As you can see, there are many questions about reselling diabetic strips. This is just a little information about cash for diabetic test strips. If you’re interested in learning more about this market, please contact Pay For Strips today. We are here to assist you.

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