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Pay For Strips Free Shipping

$10 New Customer Bonus

Receive $10 towards your first payment with Pay For Strips

(Need to send more than one box)

Pay For Strips 20 Dollar Bonus

$20 Bonus

Send us 10 or more boxes of supplies and receive $20 bonus with your payment!

Pay For Strips 5 Dollar Bonus

$5 Bonus

Send between 4-6 boxes of supplies and receive $5 bonus with your payment!

Pay For Strips Bonus

$10 Referral Bonus

Earn $10 towards your next payment for each person you refer

Pay For Strips 10 Dollar Bonus

$10 Bonus

Send between 7-9 boxes of supplies and receive $10 bonus with your payment!

*Boxes $10 and below in value do not count towards bonuses*

Reliable Cash for Diabetic Strips With Special Deals Available

Your Marketplace to Make Cash for Diabetic Strips

Are you looking to make some extra money? If you have extra or unneeded medical supplies, you can make cash for diabetic strips today! Our experts agree that for the average person, it might be an absolute conundrum to find out where those supplies should go. With Pay For Strips, you can skip Google searching, parsing through reviews, and asking for references; we have an established marketplace for diabetic supplies here!

It's completely legal for you to sell your unwanted diabetic supplies, but you're not really taught how to sell it by your lonesome. That's why we're here! We also pay for shipping and provide price matching for our clients.

How the Pay For Strips Marketplace Works

Here at Pay For Strips, we place great importance on giving agency back to individuals regarding their own medical supplies. The industry has inflated prices to exorbitant levels, to the point that the average consumer can't really navigate it without aid. With our marketplace, you're able to buy and sell supplies at a more reasonable rate.

Have damaged diabetic strips? With the Pay For Strips marketplace and expert consumer team, you're still able to make cash for diabetic strips! We have a set of damage guidelines that reflect our standards. However, we allow you to receive quotes and compensation for even damaged strips. For those unique circumstances, you'll definitely want to contact our team beforehand to receive your quote. In addition, we ask that you do not send us items that are not on our price list.

In addition to our normal medical marketplace, we are also running several special deals for our customers. Read on below to learn more about them. Have any questions about the process, the sales, your quote, or anything else? Contact our team today!

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